Table Sauces

Table Sauces

An array of quality cooking sauces developed by our very own Chef.

  • Dark Soy sauce is perfect for marinating, stewing, and enhancing the richness of taste in various dishes.

  • Light Soy sauce is perfect for marinating, cooking, and dipping.

  • Sweet Chilli Sauce can be served as a traditional dipping sauce for BBQ and fried dishes. A perfect dressing for salads, springs rolls, crispy wontons, and BQQ chicken.

  • Sweet & Sour sauce is ideal for dipping deep fried dishes and spring rolls. Perfect for cooking sweet & sour chicken, fish, shrimp and duck.
  • Available In: Sweet Chilli, Sweet & Sour, Light Soy, & Dark Soy
  • A Fantastic Range Of Authentic Cooking Sauces, Bringing You Flavours Of The Far East To Every Dish
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