We offer a range of food items.

Fresh Instant Noodles

This product ranges from Chicken fresh noodles to Spicy Chilli fresh noodles.

Available In: Chicken & Spicy Chilli.

Konjac Noodles

Healthy substitute to pasta and noodles; ready in 1 minute.

0% Fat

Instant Cup Noodles

We offer a wide range of 3 pack instant cup noodles.

Available In: Beef, Chicken & Curry.

Table Sauces

Sweet Chilli Sauce can be served as a traditional dipping sauce for BBQ and fried dishes.

Available In: Sweet Chilli, Sweet & Sour, Light Soy, & Dark Soy

Cooking Ingredients

The Chef Kuo Chopped Jar range is chopped to size and is mixed for your convenience.

Available In: Garlic, Chilli, & Ginger

Party Food

Indulge into our wide selection of party food, which are suitable for those who are vegetarian.

Available In: Spring Rolls & Vegetable Samosas

Our Promise to the new clients

As a business, we are always looking out for the best interest within our customers needs, and therefore understand that we need to provide the best available pricing on the market.

We at Chef Kuo pride ourselves in having a high standard of quality of our products and the amazing pricing that we offer, that both work together cohesively to ensure that we offer one great service for our clients.

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